Choosing a Kitchen Sink

stockvault-drain96310If you are choosing a sink think beyond color, material and finish and consider your life style.

I say this because right now I have a perfectly beautiful double bowl, white enamel sink that has a fatal flaw (for me).  I do a lot of cooking that requires oven sheets or broiler pans. I’m a big fan of roasted vegetables. Unfortunately the pans wont fit all the way into the sink (they won’t lay down flat) so soaking them is out of the question. Cleaning them is a pain.

So consider pan and pot size – for instance do you do canning or are you a lobster fan? You’ll want a big sink with a high faucet. Do you give your plants a good soaking? While you can do this in the tub the smaller plants are easier in a sink- consider the materials here too as clay posts may scratch a delicate surface.

If you wash greens a lot you may want to make sure you have a double sink and reserve the small side for salad prep.

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