How to Price Your House

TopWaysSoldIf you are thinking of selling your home you are probably asking yourself how to set the price.

As a Realtor the most frequent issue I encounter is an unrealistic expectation about what a home is likely to sell for. This happens for a host of reasons. The most frequent is that the owner either bought their home at the height of the market when it was worth far more,  refinanced at that time, or  simply checked on the value of their home at that time and haven’t checked since.

Believe Your Realtor
Realtors do a comparative market analysis by comparing properties of similar size, location and amenities that have sold (best information), expired (likely overpriced) and are currently on the market (your competition). This isn’t an exact science by any means but fairly reliable.

When we are trying to convince you that what you are hoping for is simply too high for the market remember we have every reason to want a higher price too as our commission is based on a percentage. Our job however is to get it sold for you.

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