Important Home Features That Get Little Press

You want to buy a home. You may be upsizing, downsizing, getting your first home or even a vacation home.

The number of bedrooms you are hoping for, whether you want an open floor plan, whether you prefer antique or new, condo or a freestanding single family home are decisions you have likely already made.

Some of the most important features  may not have occurred to you so lets try a little exercise. Start to notice over the next few days the features of your current home that you enjoy the most and those that drive you the craziest. I’ll give you some examples.

The kitchen sink that is too small. Can you lay a broiler pan or cookie sheet down flat in the sink or is it a double sink with two bowls – neither of which is big enough? If you cook frequently this will matter. Yes you can always replace the sink once you take ownership but – unless you want to redo more than the sink note how big the cutout is.

The coat closet that isn’t located anywhere near the entrance. In my home this translates to kitchen stools doubling as coatracks. Our coat closet is in the hallway no where near the front door.

What important features can you think of?

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