Preparing your home for sale – when to tackle sorting and packing

Most advice about preparing your home for sale deals with issues such as decluttering, home staging, curb appeal and so on. Almost every home seller knows about these tried and true basic preparation tips.

What if you have spent your whole life in your home or your parents lived there before you.? Chances are you have more than most to sift through, sell , pack or discard. In fact if you have spent more than 10 years in a home it might be equally true.

Its likely to be emotional in ways you wont understand until you grow teary eyed over a previous pets old collar or face the tough decisions to throw away your childs heart felt “I love you (Mom or Dad) card.

No matter what your agent tells you about getting quick to market it would serve you better to tackle that task on your own terms and before your home is photographed and listed for sale.

I can’t recommend a professional organizer who specializes in moves enough.

At least in my state (Massachusetts) it is typical for the offer to close period to be between 6 and 8 weeks. You don’t want the stress of going through every item in what will feel like a compressed time period.

On or just before the day of closing you will simply want a van to pull up to the door and whisk away the items you decided you wanted to save and move to your new home.

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