Setting up a Property Showing – Buyer Do’s and Don’ts

photo.aspxYou have narrowed down your list of properties to one or a few you would like to see. You have let your agent know and given them one to several days and times that you might be available. What happens now and why do you need to know?

Your agent will probably select the one you are most interested in and call (and or email) the listing agent for the home (under most circumstances) and request a showing day and time. Though some showings can be set up for the very same day you make the request that is very rare and you will soon see why.

If the seller is still living in the home the listing agent will call, ask if that time will work for them. If so, very often the seller will make arrangements to be away from  the home and will clean up any of the normal mess that comes from living in the home which often involves making sure the rooms are squeaky clean, dishes are done and put away, toys are picked up etc. Since they are living in the house this needs to be done every time there is showing – there is only so much perfection one can keep on a daily basis. In other words – the level of clean for a home on the market is far higher than a normal home.

If you are hoping to see a multi-family home there are one to several tenants that need to be notified and whose schedule needs to be accommodated (for instance if a tenant works nights and sleeps days it would be hard to ask them to give up on their well deserved rest.

And then there is the second house you want to see that day. Often the agent calls and it turns out there is a conflict with the time just before or after your other scheduled showing (or maybe they cant show at all that day) so your agent will call the first listing agent and try to reschedule in order to accommodate both property listings. As you can see the logistics grows exponentially with each property you want to view on the same day.

So What can a Buyer Do  and What Should a Buyer Not Do

  • Please please try not to cancel after  showings have been set up. Several agents and buyers have tried to accommodate your schedule. Its especially not fair to the sellers. If you are also selling your home I’m sure you understand.
  • Its always a good idea to drive by properties before asking to see them as you might be able to rule them in or out at that time. Take a look at the neighborhood, check the distance of the property from work, Research the schools.
  • Take a good look at the listing sheet. Are there any items there that would cause you to decide not to purchase (an example would be a requirement for flood insurance etc).


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