What Is The Best Real Estate Selling Season?

It should come as no surprise that most people consider Spring and Summer the best seasons for selling their home. People who don’t have to move within a certain time usually wait until then to put their home on the market. Its also not unusual to take it off the market in the Fall.

Is this warranted? Ask any agent if you are thinking of putting your home on the market in, say, March they will say, “Wonderful! Your home will appear at its best, many buyers will be out looking soon”.

If you are thinking of putting your home on the market in November your agent will probably say “Wonderful!”. Are we being disingenuous? Are we merely trying to sign up another listing no matter what might be best for the seller?

No. I’ll explain why. This time of year when a lot of other people have taken their home off the market yours could be a gem in a smaller inventory. Buyers look and buyers buy every month of the year. To check that I wasn’t imagining things I just ran a report of Marion, MA and Wareham MA single family properties that sold in the last year (a year from today) and it was true. Every single month had closings and some months you would expect to be slow were not.

Don’t forget that people are relocating for a number of reasons and you probably want them to find your home.

Please email me at Robin.RagleDavis@nemoves.com  if you would like a copy of this report. Its in Excel format and contains what sold in the last year in Marion and Wareham, MA, the listing price, sold price, assessments and more.


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