Your Lawn and What it (seems) to Say About Your Home.

DSCF0046blueLets play a game. You are driving by a home and one property stands out like a sore thumb. Its weedy, not mowed, shrubs are growing so large they are obscuring the front door. What is the first thing you think?

Usually we think:

  • its a foreclosure
  • maybe an elderly person with no family to help and no extra funds with which to hire help
  • someone is ill, no money, no time, no funds

What about a yard that alternates between looking overgrown and mowed. Often it might be mowed but not edged or trimmed?

  • There is some stress in the family or maybe a major life event, temporary illness, extra job hours is to blame.

What about a yard that is mowed and trimmed?

  • We generally think this is a home where the owner(s) are doing ok. They are able to keep on top of their maintenance, perhaps enjoy it or can afford to pay someone to oversee their lawn care.

A yard that is mowed, trimmed, looks professionally landscaped, has no weeds and is green in July?

  • Usually means an irrigation system, and either a landscaper is overseeing its care or the home owner enjoys working in the yard.

Now stop to consider how a buyer views these lawns. There is a saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul. The condition of your house will usually be assumed to be the same as the condition of your lawn.

disclaimer: This post does not address or take into consideration yards that don’t include lawns at all and there are many. The idea – how well maintained it is remains true.


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